Ultra believes in and takes care of human rights and declares that:

The business as whole should base on ethics.

Children cannot be used as laborers. All children deserve to be educated.

The vice president and president of Ultra are TED Istanbul College’s trustee and taking place at the managing board since 20 years, respectively. Consequently as a social responsibility project, Ultra gives financial support for the education of fifty children continuously until their graduations.

The company does not condone the exploitation of refugees and is vehemently against modern slavery. Ultra believes in freely chosen regular employment and freedom of association.

All overtime shifts and wages of Ultra are paid according to the law.

Ultra does not allow any type of discrimination, harsh or inhumane treatment.

Work safety and hygiene is a constant priority.

Working hours are set up due to the law and no employee is forcefully put to work.

All environmental laws and regulations are respected.

The company ensures a non hazardous work environment. Any hazardous element is identified, assessed, controlled and announced to all relevant employees.

All procedures for emergencies such as earthquake, fire, flood etc. are established and preserved in order to minimize or eliminate risk.

Appropriate employee health and safety management are established and improved with updates in accordance with the law.