A family company, ULTRA INTERNATIONAL TRADE & TEXTILE Co. Inc. was founded by Esat Can Özoğuz in 1980. In its early phases, the company mainly focused production on women’s underwear and nightwear. Over time, our range encompassed sleepwear, loungewear, urban sportswear and other significant daywear categories until at a point, ULTRA stood and still stands as one of the top international garment producer based in Turkey.

Our company prides in its product quality, fast production rate and most of all its internationally well received designs. For nearly four decades, we have participated and show cased different styles with our own brand POP&PINK in international conventions all over the world. Every year, with the collaboration of multiple well known design companies, the work we put in these fairs spearheaded the world’s fashion route.

While our focus mainly has been towards Europe and America, ULTRA possesses the flexibility and capacity to achieve a client’s vision and requirements, no matter which part of the world the customer represents. Using our experience and creativity, the company strives to meet the expectations and objectives of the fashion market.

To summarize, ULTRA’s mission is clear: To give the absolute best service possible for clients utilizing its intricate design process, production know-how and all around sustainable approach.